Get Tested


STEP 1: Physician or patient suspects sleep apnea.
Our Epworth Sleepiness Scale calculator can help patients prescreen for signs of sleep apnea. AAA Medical Solution also supports DME providers with educational materials about sleep apnea for physicians and patients.

STEP 2: Physician orders a home sleep study.
A physician orders the sleep study by filling out the Home Sleep Study order form available through AAA Medical Solutions. Our Home Sleep “Study Guide” can help educate patients on the entire testing and scheduling process while at the physician’s office.

STEP 3: AAA validates the order and delivers the equipment.
When AAA Medical Solutions receives the order, we validate the physician information and signature, then enter the data into our scheduling system. Unless a patient contacts us first, our professional scheduling department will contact the patient by phone to verify insurance and other information, then schedule the delivery of a testing kit as soon as possible. AAA packages the equipment and ships it to the patient with any necessary paperwork and instructions included.

STEP 4: The patient performs the home sleep study.
AAA Medical Solutions offers the technology, equipment and informational tools necessary for a patient to successfully perform a home sleep study, and then ship the device back for the interpretation of results. Get complete instructions.

STEP 5: AAA receives and interprets test.
AAA Medical Solutions receives the returned equipment, then uploads the recorded test data to be interpreted by a board-certified sleep physician. The report is then forwarded to your physician.

STEP 6: Patients get treatment.
The patient will return to their physicians office to discuss treatment options.