Oximetry Testing


AAA Medical Solutions has a finger on the pulse of in-home Oximetry testing. As a Medicare-approved IDTF, we provide accurate and timely pulse oximeter test validation, facilitation, and reports for physicians and DME providers across the nation.

Step by step, AAA Medical Solutions delivers results in pulse oximetry testing. We provide the necessary order form for physicians, and ensure incoming orders to get tested comply with Medicare regulations and private insurance requirements. We then supply the necessary patient paperwork to the DME provider, who delivers the equipment and information to the patient for an overnight Oximetry test. After the DME supplier picks up the oximeter, they upload the encrypted data to NPF, our PROFOX partners, who then transfers it electronically through a secure internet connection to AAA Medical Solutions. We use decoding software to deliver the results in the familiar, easy-to-read PROFOX format to the referring physician.

With pulse oximetry testing from AAA Medical Solutions, everyone wins. Physicians enjoy a seamless ordering process. Patients get the oxygen therapy they need to save and improve their lives. Medicare and insurance companies ensure that regulations are followed. And DME suppliers retain and generate new oxygen therapy clients.