Get Tested


STEP 1: Physician orders the test.
When a doctor wants to identify if a patient needs supplemental oxygen, they order a pulse oximetry test by completing and signing our pulse oximetry test order form. Other formats are accepted, as long as all the information required for order processing is included. Most physicians fax or send the order form to the DME provider first, who then forwards it to AAA Medical Solutions.

STEP 2: AAA processes the order. AAA Medical Solutions helps ensure compliance with Medicare and private insurance regulations and validates pulse oximetry orders for completeness and legality. We then enter the data and send a notification to the DME supplier, alerting them that the pulse oximeter can be delivered. We offer reminders to our DMEs if the testing equipment remains undelivered for an extended period.

STEP 3: DME provider transports the testing equipment. AAA Medical Solutions provides the DME supplier with all the patient forms and instructions needed in order to deliver the oximeter to the patient’s home for overnight testing. AAA also offers 24-hour toll-free patient support. The next day, the DME provider picks up the oximeter, and uploads and sends the raw data to AAA Medical Solutions.

STEP 4: AAA Medical Solutions provides a detailed test report in the familiar PROFOX format—customizable with a DME business name and address—and faxes or delivers it to the physician quickly and efficiently. We clearly indicate on the test report if it meets Medicare oxygen coverage. If patients qualify, the DME provider sets up the oxygen supply service. The services of AAA Medical Solutions help verify and streamline the supplemental oxygen testing process, and we never compete with DME providers.