Q... Does Medicare authorize me to take my own machine out to test a patient?

A... Yes. With the new encrypted software available through AAA Medical Solutions, as soon as you have a doctor’s order, you can take your own Oximeter out to patientsd qualify test a patient. However, by Medicare regulation, an IDTF like us must still be involved with the testing. The results are emailed to us, and we then score the test and fax the results to the DME and the physician.

Q... What is the cost of the oximetry and sleep apnea studies to me and/or the patient?

A... There’s no cost to the physician or DME for the software, testing or results. Patients are only responsible for their co-insurance provided they meet Medicare guidelines to warrant testing. Patients must have an Epworth Sleepiness Scale score of 9 or higher, or two other risk factors with an elevated Epworth Sleepiness Scale score, to meet Medicare guidelines for testing. Refer to the patient evaluation form and Epworth Sleepiness Scale for detailed information. After patient insurance information has been provided to us, physicians are never involved in the billing processes for our services.

Q... How quickly will I get the results?

A... Within 48 hours of submission of the test results.